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Aqua Vida is a collection of individuals passionate about maximizing potential in creative, development, and marketing spaces. By building our technology stack and processes from the ground up, we control our workflow end-to-end.

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Aqua Vida Media was founded in 2018 just outside of Philadelphia with the goal of providing top-tier media buying services to the Insurance, Financial Services, and Home Services industries. Our team boasts decades of experience in the performance marketing industry with deep expertise in all major channels of online advertising. When you work with Aqua Vida Media, you can expect an adherence to best practices across all campaigns. We work closely with our clients to pinpoint their ideal audience and target them efficiently and cost effectively on the channels we know will perform best. Through our proprietary media buying strategies and tech stack, we enable our clients to reach millions of highly qualified users while limiting their risk and offering performance-based pricing models.


Our Values

We treat our team members and clients with empathy, respect, and transparency always. This means setting up our employees for success so they can reach their full potential, while holding each other accountable to maximize results and performance on all client engagements. A happy and productive team leads to happy clients.


Meet the Aqua Vida Team

Vijay Friedman

Operations & Business Development

Brent Powell

Native Display & Programmatic Media Buying

Alejandro Soler-Roig

Data & Analytics

Shawn Yi

Facebook & Search Media Buying

Roxanna Alva

Creative & Videography

Joshua Potter

Software Engineering & Infrastructure